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A different perspective on Investing

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
March 28th, 2023
podcast 'The Not Closer Show'

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Imagine a tool that helps you to manage, track, and monitor your income. A tool that saves you a lot of time dealing with piles of paper and spreadsheets managing your finances. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you get with Vyzer. Vyzer is a solution to replace your spreadsheets with automation, adding valuable insights, and empowering investors like you to manage and control your wealth.

This week Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes welcomes Litan Yahav, Co-founder of Vyzer with a deep passion for simplifying complex finances.

Time stamps

1.00- Introduction

2.43- Disrupting the Diamond Industry?

9.54- Why Vyzer?

16.00- Issues that were eventually overcome while building Vyzer

19.32- Positive aspect of Vyzer

21.20- What to look into for a good operator?

29.20- Everything about different asset classes

32.42- Is Vyzer for beginners

36.41- End notes

Noteworthy Quotes

“The ironic part is that the people that are managing a really successful business will never let their business run that way, but their personal life is total berserk.”

“When you build a startup, you have a problem that you are trying to solve but before trying to solve your but before trying to solve; you want to understand what other solutions are there for this problem and then find what you can do better than what these solutions aren’t doing”

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