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Effortlessly track and analyze diverse investments with our advanced tools...

Automate administration

Simplified data import

Upload your financial documents into the Magic Box feature and Vyzer will organize and update your data for each of your assets.

Investment account integrations

Sync your brokerage accounts, investor portals and other online holdings to track your portfolio’s performance in real time.

Transaction tracking

Stay on top of your latest distributions and upcoming capital calls with Vyzer’s automated tracking and notification system.

Wealth management


Track co-investments with others and easily define your ownership percentage.

Holding structures

Organize your investments under holding entities and different beneficiaries for each investment.

Trusted community insights

Leverage Vyzer members’ wisdom to discover new opportunities and maximize your returns.

Cash flow planning

Distribution schedule

Plan your expected income with a flexible scheduling tool.

Capital calls management

Stay on top of your cash commitments and receive alerts on upcoming capital calls.

Cash flow scenarios

Explore how potential income or expenses will affect your cash flow with Vyzer’s AI-driven scenarios.


Performance reporting

Aggregate and customize your data so you can monitor, track, and manage assets efficiently & easily.

Generate reports

Create and download customizable balance sheets and investment summaries directly from your account.

Target vs actual performance

Compare actual and expected performance, especially in private placements.

Built for investors with complex portfolios

A single online platform to track, monitor and control all your investments - from real estate syndications to private equity, crypto to traditional (and whatever the future may bring).


Vyzer is an investment portfolio tracking and wealth management solution for all of your investment management needs. Vyzer is the only digital wealth management platform that combines public and private investment performance tracking, financial planning tools, projections and peer benchmarking in one powerful solution, Vyzer takes the pain out of managing your money and makes it easy for you to get ahead.

Vyzer is designed to allow you to track all your investments in one place. With Vyzer, you have a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio and can easily monitor its performance.
Asset classes you can track on Vyzer:

  1. Real estate (syndications, funds, rental
  2. Private equity funds (VC, Hedge funds, debt funds)
  3. Private companies (Startups & SMEs)
  4. Investment accounts ( Brokerage Accounts, Pension plans, 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA)
  5. Bank accounts (+18,000 banks worldwide)
  6. Crypto (Binance, Coinbase, BTC & ETH addresses, etc.)
  7. Precious metals
  8. Collectible

Vyzer is designed for investors who have diverse portfolios with multiple sources of income, such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate and more.

Here are some key features to emphasize our value proposition:

  1. Members forward or upload any financial document (spreadsheets, investment docs, K1s, quarterly statements, etc.), Vyzer automatically translates them into new assets/liabilities or updates existing ones.
  2. Based on cash flow expectations from assets/liabilities, members have a clear view of their cash flow looking forward (distributions, capital calls, expenses etc.), including scenario planning and their effect on future cash flow.
  3. When members sync bank accounts with Vyzer, all transactions are analyzed, enabling our AI to automatically identify transactions and link them to specific assets/liabilities, updating their cash flow performance automatically.
  4. Members can view how people like them invest (anonymously), displaying all financial products/funds they've invested in, number and value of investments into each financial product/fund etc.

Personal Capital is a great financial dashboard, here is where Vyzer is different:

  1. We never try to sell you financial products or try to convince you to give us your money to be actively managed.
  2. Vyzer is built for people with more advanced portfolios, consisting of real estate, private equity, startups, crypto and more.
  3. You can send Vyzer any financial document for it to be converted into data and have your assets uploaded and updated without any effort from your side.
  4. We charge a flat annual fee, which means we are not free. The advantage here is that we serve you and only you. We never sell your data or try to upsell to you.

Your financial accounts can be synced into Vyzer for automated cash flow and investment performance tracking.Vyzer uses regulated and secure third party financial account aggregator services – like Plaid & Salt Edge to connect to your accounts.
When you enter your banking credentials on your account, your credentials are sent directly to the respective service, but never to Vyzer’s servers. These platforms then provide Vyzer with a “ready only” interface, so we cannot access your specific credential or make transactions on your behalf.

Read more here about how Plaid, Yodlee, Salt Edge & Zabo adhere to industry leading practices for data security, regulatory compliance, and privacy.

In the event that we cannot sync your bank account or investment portal, we have tech and processes in place to streamline your finances even without any portal integrations.
Here’s how:

  1. We operate like a virtual family office. Any financial document, statement, spreadsheet, rental agreement etc. can be forwarded or uploaded into Vyzer's "Magic Box" (which may take up to 48 hours to process).
  2. These documents/emails are then processed and assets are created or updated from the documented information.
  3. Vyzer will let you know if things are on track or not, it can help you track and plan your cash flow including scenario planning, taking all of your investment assumptions and projections into account.

Our pricing model is super simple - A flat membership fee of $79/m paid annually or $99/m paid monthly. We prioritize our user's data privacy and only generate revenue through a flat membership fee. Our business model focuses on protecting what matters most - you!

Read more here

We use bank-grade security and top-notch encryption technologies to make sure your data is private and secure. Led by a team of experienced ex-military professionals we place the utmost importance on security. Our commitment is absolute.

Read more here

Yes, you can export all your data or specific views of different asset classes, as well as generate a balance sheet in PDF or excel format.

The onboarding process involves syncing your financial institutions, uploading financial documents into the "Magic Box" (which may take up to 48 hours to process).
You can also choose to create your assets manually. You can also reach out to your designated account manager for personalized assistance in setting up your account and addressing any questions you may have.

Yes, our mobile app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices and is free for our members. With the app, members can stay connected to their wealth from anywhere and at any time, as it allows them to view their net worth, portfolio allocation, and receive insights on investments. Having their finances at their fingertips has never been easier.

Your Wealth at your Fingertips.

*For members only