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Effortlessly track and analyze diverse investments with our advanced tools...

Automate administration

Simplified data import

Upload financial documents to Vyzer's 'Magic Box' for automatic asset creation, organization, and updates.

Investment account integrations

Sync your brokerage accounts, investor portals, and other online holdings to track your portfolio's real-time performance.

Transaction tracking

Stay on top of your latest distributions and upcoming capital calls with Vyzer’s automated tracking and notification system.

Wealth management


Track co-investments with others and easily define your ownership percentage.

Holding structures

Organize your investments under holding entities and different beneficiaries for each investment.

Trusted community insights

Leverage Vyzer members’ wisdom to discover new opportunities and maximize your returns.

Cash flow planning

Distribution schedule

Plan your expected income with a flexible scheduling tool.

Capital calls management

Stay on top of your cash commitments and receive alerts on upcoming capital calls.

Cash flow scenarios

Explore how potential income or expenses will affect your cash flow with Vyzer’s AI-driven scenarios.


Performance reporting

Aggregate and customize your data so you can monitor, track, and manage assets efficiently & quickly.

Generate reports

Create and download customizable balance sheets and investment summaries directly from your account.

Target vs actual performance

Compare actual and expected performance, especially in private placements.

Built for investors with complex portfolios

A single online platform to track, monitor and control all your investments - from real estate syndications to private equity, crypto to traditional (and whatever the future may bring).


Vyzer is your virtual family office and a comprehensive digital wealth management platform specializing in investment portfolio tracking and financial planning. Our innovative solution combines performance tracking for both public and private investments, advanced financial planning tools, data-driven projections, peer benchmarking, financial documents analysis and more.

We cater to a broad spectrum of investors, from those just beginning their investment journey to high-net-worth individuals with complex portfolios. With Vyzer, you gain an all-in-one solution that simplifies investment management, provides transparency over your diverse portfolios, empowers informed decision-making, and guides you towards successful wealth growth.

Vyzer is your comprehensive platform for tracking a diverse range of assets and investments.
Our Asset classes include:

  1. Real estate (syndications, funds, rental)
  2. Private equity funds (VC, Hedge funds, debt funds)
  3. Private companies (Startups & SMEs)
  4. Investment accounts ( Brokerage Accounts, Pension plans, 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA)
  5. Bank accounts (+18,000 banks worldwide)
  6. Crypto (Binance, Coinbase, BTC & ETH addresses, etc.)
  7. Precious metals
  8. Collectible

Vyzer is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of investors. Our members range from individuals exploring investment management with our Starter Plan, sophisticated investors with diverse portfolios using the Plus and Premium Plans, to high net worth individuals and family offices utilizing our comprehensive Family Office Plan.

Vyzer takes the complexity and time-consuming nature out of personal finance management. Our key value proposition lies in our robust automation capabilities. From translating financial documents and updating assets or liabilities to tracking cash flow and identifying transactions, we automate tedious tasks, making it effortless for you to manage your wealth. No matter the size or complexity of your portfolio, Vyzer is designed to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus more on making decisions and less on data management. Each plan offers a different level of automation to cater to your specific needs, making wealth management accessible and simple.

Vyzer is tailored for those who manage an eclectic mix of assets and seek a secure, all-in-one platform for effortless wealth management. We do not attempt to sell you financial products or convince you to surrender your money for active management.
Here's how Vyzer stands apart from other platforms:

  1. Comprehensive Portfolio Tracking: Unlike many financial tools which primarily track traditional assets, Vyzer accommodates a diverse portfolio including real estate syndications, private equity, and cryptocurrencies, providing comprehensive visibility.
  2. Magic Box: Our unique Magic Box feature enables you to upload any financial document, which is then automatically translated into new or updated assets/liabilities. This offers a level of service that's unique to Vyzer.
  3. AI-Enabled Analytics: Vyzer leverages advanced algorithm to analyze your transactions and link them to specific assets or liabilities, automatically refreshing your cash flow performance. This provides a level of insight and automation other tools/platforms often lack.
  4. Benchmarking: Our benchmarking tool allows you to view how similar investors allocate their assets, enabling comparison and learning. This unique feature is invaluable for those seeking to optimize their investment strategies.
  5. Customer Support: Vyzer is committed to exceptional customer service, responding to customers' needs promptly and effectively. We continuously improve our platform based on members' feedback and needs.

Vyzer uses regulated and secure third-party financial account aggregator services – like Plaid & Salt Edge to connect to your accounts. These platforms then provide Vyzer with a “read - only” interface, so we cannot access your specific credential or make transactions on your behalf. The number of financial institutions you can sync depends on your subscription plan, with the Family Office Plan offering unlimited syncs.

Read more here about how Plaid, Salt Edge adhere to industry leading practices for data security, regulatory compliance, and privacy.

Don't worry; we've got you covered even if we can't directly sync with a specific investment platform. For situations like these, VIP sync is available in the Premium and Family Office plans. VIP sync allows us to automatically pull in your financial data, even from accounts that don't typically sync. This ensures your portfolio on Vyzer is always up-to-date.

In addition, any financial document, statement, spreadsheet, rental agreement, etc., can be forwarded or uploaded into Vyzer's "Magic Box." These documents are then processed, and assets are created or updated based on the information provided.

Even without direct portal integrations, Vyzer keeps you in control of your finances and on top of your investment performance.

Our pricing model is designed to suit investors at every level of sophistication.

Starter Plan: Free
Ideal for investors who are new to Vyzer and are in the process of growing their portfolios. This plan allows you to manage up to 3 assets, sync up to 3 financial institutions, and offers automated updates for up to 1 file a month via the Magic Box.

Plus Plan: $29/m paid annually
Ideal for sophisticated investors with diverse portfolios. This plan allows you to manage up to 15 assets, sync up to 10 financial institutions, and offers automated updates for up to 5 files a month via the Magic Box. Additionally, you'll have access to our mobile app, reporting features, and community.

Premium Plan: $79/m paid annually
Designed for experienced investors with more complex portfolios. This plan offers enhanced features, allowing you to manage up to 120 assets, sync up to 30 financial institutions, and offer automated updates for up to 20 files a month via the Magic Box. Premium Members also get exclusive access to VIP sync.

Family Office Plan: $699/m paid annually
Our most sophisticated plan is designed for high-net-worth investors managing extensive portfolios. It includes all the benefits and features of our other plans, but Family Office members get unlimited access to all Vyzer's advanced features, along with a personal account manager for professional services.

Read more here about our pricing tiers:

Vyzer uses bank-grade security and encryption technologies to keep your data private and secure. Led by ex-military professionals, our commitment to security is unparalleled.

Our commitment to security remains the same across all pricing tiers. Read more about our security protocols here:

Yes! All Vyzer members, regardless of their plan, have the capability to export their data in its entirety or select views pertaining to distinct asset classes. Advanced plan members can further generate comprehensive balance sheets and customized reports.

Getting started with Vyzer is simple and requires two easy steps.

  1. Sync your financial institutions and Investor Portals
  2. Upload financial documents into the 'Magic Box. Vyzer will then automatically create your assets. (Please note that the processing of your documents might take up to 48 hours.)

Alternatively, you can choose to manually create your assets.

During this process, our team is available to provide personalized assistance with setting up your account and addressing any questions you may have. Our mission is to ensure your transition to Vyzer is as smooth and effortless as possible

Yes, our mobile app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices and is free for our members. With it, Vyzer members can access their wealth from anywhere, anytime, view their net worth, portfolio allocation, and receive investment insights. The mobile app is available from the Plus Plan onwards.

Your Wealth at your Fingertips.

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