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Empowering investors to control and manage their wealth.

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Save 20%

Per month

Billed yearly

  • checkmarkUnlimited access to all features
  • checkmark30 days free trial
  • checkmark90 days money back guarantee
  • checkmarkNo commitment. Cancel anytime


Per month

Billed monthly

  • checkmarkUnlimited access to all features
  • checkmark30 days free trial
  • checkmark90 days money back guarantee
  • checkmarkNo commitment. Cancel anytime


A suite of advanced tools to control all your investments.

Cash flow planning

Project and track your cash-flows

Distribution Tracking

Automatically track your investments’ distributions - even those that are reinvested

Capital call scheduling

Stay on top of your cash commitments, and receive alerts on upcoming capital calls

Cashflow scenarios

Explore how potential income or expenses will affect your cash flow

Portfolio automations

Put your manual process on autopilot

Investment account integrations

Sync your brokerage accounts, investor portals and other online holdings

Target vs actual performance

Compare actual and expected performance, especially in private placements

Convert statements to data

Throw any financial document/statement into Vyzer’s “Magic Box” to create or update your assets

Wealth management

Oversee all assets and liabilities in one place


Track co-investments with others and easily define your ownership percentage

Holding structures

Organize your investments under holding entities and different beneficiaries for each investment

Peer benchmarking (COMING SOON)

Discover what other investors like you are investing in - bringing more transparency to the private markets


No. When you sign up for Vyzer you will be presented with three short questions. These questions help us customize your first experience with Vyzer, which is a demo account filled with simulated investment data. You’ll have a chance to play around with the demo account to get a feel for the value Vyzer offers. Whenever you’re ready to start adding your own information you’ll be able to leave the demo account and start with a clean slate - At this point you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information and begin your 30 day free trial period.

Yes! We believe that to get the most out of Vyzer, you need to experience all its capabilities. We have no hidden features, no freemium model, no up-sale - Every feature we add is meant for you to receive the most value from it.

After the 30-day trial period, your credit card will be charged and you will become a paid Vyzer member. If you decide to cancel your paid membership, all of your information WILL REMAIN SAFE but you will be converted to a “read-only” account.

If you decide at any point to cancel your paid membership with Vyzer, all of your information will remain accessible and secure, you will also be able to export your data at any time. But, at this point you will not be able to add new items to Vyzer (assets/liabilities), you will not be able to approve specific cash flow events, sync new accounts and some other functionalities will become limited.

We work extremely hard to build and maintain Vyzer’s functionalities. This requires a lot of resources.

No! There are no setup fees, hidden fees, commissions or any other payment of any sort. We believe in a simple, transparent business model. The only thing you’ll be paying for is the monthly/annual membership fee.

We use bank-grade security and top-notch encryption technologies to make sure our data is private and secure. All documents submitted are anonymized and analyzed by an in-house team of analysts.

This might sound like a cliche, but we are a company led by ex-military personnel - security is our highest priority at Vyzer.

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We accept all major credit cards

We believe that if you feel that you’re not receiving enough value from Vyzer within the first 90 days of your membership, then you should be fully refunded. Canceling your membership is easy - Simply cancel the account from the “Account settings” section, and your account will be automatically refunded. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to hello@vyzer.co.

Yes! When you choose the annual membership tier, your monthly membership fee will be 20% lower.