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Achieve Financial Independence with Vyzer

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
September 15th, 2022
Yona Weiss

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Wealth management on spreadsheets can get chaotic as your portfolio expands. There are various investment management portals available but they are specific to the operators that you use. You are stuck between logging into multiple accounts or putting them on a spreadsheet. You can choose to hire a wealth manager but it is a costly solution. What if you can automate and take control of the process yourself?

Litan Yahav and co-founder Tomar Salvi developed an internal solution to automate their investment portfolio management. As they interacted with the community, they saw it as a viable business solution which led to the inception of Vyzer. Litan sat down with Yona Weiss to talk about Vyzer’s journey, and how the platform provides value, security, transparency, and more to private investors. Here is an overview of what they discussed:

Key Highlights

1. Tech Founders, Real Estate Syndicates & Wealth Management – What’s the Connection?

Litan and Tomar built a tech startup in 2011 that photographed diamonds. It was a successful business that they scaled, sold, and exited in 2018. It is common for Israelis to invest in real estate abroad as an investment. After iterating several ideas, they followed suit and invested in the US. Besides real estate, they also invested in startups, crypto, and private equity. Over the years, as their investment portfolio expanded, maintaining it all on a spreadsheet became a hassle. So, they built a tool to automate the process which eventually laid the foundation of Vyzer.

2. How Vyzer Ensures Security & Privacy of Financial Data

As the platform houses confidential financial information, security is a priority. The software has regular security audits and penetration tests to actively maintain safeguards.

3. Can Vyzer Provide Value Beyond an Investment Portal?

Manage wealth portfolio in one place: Investment portals are deal-specific. As a private investor, you need to sign in on each to check investments. With Vyzer, you can link assets, upload documents, and track investments regardless of the operator or deal. Additionally, Vyzer is working on solutions to integrate various investment management platforms to help customers track all their investments and income in one place.

Make investments based on real community data: The goal is to help LPs manage their portfolio and make informed investment decisions. This is why Vyzer is now developing a community feature that will show investors where other LPs are investing and how those investments are performing. Community members can use the valuable insights to vet investments more effectively.

Transparency & privacy: Customers can opt-in to anonymously share their investment details like performance within the community. The provided data will be accurate as it’ll be based on actual distribution transactions .

4. How does Vyzer help Investors Achieve Financial Freedom?

If you have made multiple investments but are stuck actively managing them, they are not passive income streams. With Vyzer, you can automate your wealth portfolio achieving real financial freedom. Once a customer links their bank account, Vyzer identifies the distributions deposited to that account and links to the correlating assets in their Vyzer account. It shows where the capital is invested and how the investments are performing. This way, your passive income can remain passive sans the management hassle.
Private investors use Vyzer as a holistic financial management solution.

5. What is the End Goal with Vyzer?

The aim is to solve inefficiencies and lack of transparency in wealth management that exist in the industry. For Litan, the platform is a way to provide value by solving a real problem for investors like him and making the solution scalable.

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