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Adding Value with Litan Yahav

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
November 28th, 2022
podcast 'Assisting Passive Income'

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Guess what, from real estate syndications to private equity, crypto to traditional investments, Vyzer manages the entire wealth portfolio. What does this mean to you? Vyzer is an online platform that will manage, control and monitor all your investments.

In the episode 'Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate,' Litan candidly shares his story of successfully starting and selling Segoma, a diamond display technology, to confounding Vyzer with Tomer Salvi.

Time stamps

0.41- Introduction

1.52- Rundown by Litan

2.41- Starting a Diamond business

5.02- Real estate investment in Israel

7.42- How Vyzer was born?

9.20- Bitcoins on Vyzer?

13.51- About return matrix

16.50- Timeline and launch

18.48- What were the milestones?

19.45- One of the biggest challenges

22.06- Integration of navy teachings

Noteworthy Quotes

Talking about different milestones Litan says, "Like any operating business, it's a roller coaster. The ups and downs in the start-up world are like on an early basis. It's hectic, but passion keeps us going."

Speaking about trust and value, Litan explains, "The biggest issue is beginning, finding people to build it with, identifying those people making sure you have solid ground to build business bottom up because most businesses fail because of teams or partners."

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