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Automate your Investment Portfolio & Make Informed Investments with Vyzer

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
August 17th, 2022

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Who loves maintaining spreadsheets or hiring a 6 figures wealth manager to do the same?

Co-founder Litan Yahav joined Jim Pfeifer at Left Field Investors’ podcast to talk about his journey leading up to this realization and how Vyzer is the solution. Vyzer helps minimize the hassle and makes it efficient to keep track of your investments and money.

Litan Yahav along with co-founder Tomar Salvi started a startup back in 2012. The company built hardware and software in the diamond jewelry industry. They scaled the business, sold it, and eventually left the company in 2018.

Following the exit, they chose to pave their path with a wealth creation mindset instead of preservation. They were willing to take risks and make more money. Besides the traditional investments, they chose alternative investments like real estate syndications. As they expanded their portfolio, it became difficult to manage data on Google spreadsheets.

“We made money, but we didn’t want to work at managing our money”.

Solutions are created to solve a problem and that is precisely how Vyzer came about. Although they initially set it up for themselves, after months of research they realized there is a market for the product.

Key Highlights

1. Finding Sponsors and Avoiding Scams

Litan started investing in real-estate syndicates through Israelis who had sponsors or operators in the US and Europe. He also invested through GoBundance - a group based out of the US. Keeping a close circle, he has yet to consider people reaching out through cold outreach via LinkedIn, Facebook or other mediums. Trust is essential when investing, which is why Litan has been careful in his approach.

2. Vyzer’s Plans to help Community Find Sponsors

With Vyzer, community members looking for authentic sponsors can have access to transparent data. The platform will have an opt-out feature for the sake of privacy but the idea is to make sure anyone looking to invest knows the whole story (good and bad experiences). The information will not be limited to real estate syndication but also private funds and matters around investing specialized for LPs instead of GPs.

Some of the community benefits will include:

  • Ability to contribute anonymously to crowdsourced data
  • Rank and track performance of syndication within Vyzer
  • Connect within the Vyzer community to learn about people’s experiences

3. Key Elements of the Platform

“Vyzer is not just replacing the spreadsheet. It’s adding a ton of value on top of it.”

  • Automation of tracking systems: Import your excel spreadsheet and let Vyzer help you track the past, present, and future outlook of your investments. You can link your bank accounts, brokerage and other financial institutions.
  • Investment-related activity in one place: Forward emails and updates about investment opportunities and happenings to your Vyzer account making it easier to keep track of all.
  • Keep track of alternative investments: Benchmark and compare what others are doing through transparent data.
  • Key tracking metrics: Cash on cash, ROI and IRR on year-to-date and annual perspective
  • Integration: Vyzer is integrated with 17,000 financial institutions in the US. The platform is working on building its aggregator to facilitate private placement portals. Some GPs use software from companies (administrator platforms) like Juniper square. Integration with such a platform will give access to data for all funds under it.
  • Magic Box: Upload any financial document, spreadsheet, statement, etc. into Vyzer's "Magic Box" and Vyzer's team will create or update your assets.
  • Security & Privacy: Financial data is dealt with diligence and the website is regularly audited to make sure it is secure

4. Community, Privacy and Feedback

The community aspect is a work in progress but the data shared will be anonymous and interactions within the community will also remain anonymous unless members choose to reveal their identity.
Vyzer is making sure that members are heard. The feedback coming in is carefully vetted and changes are made if it is something the majority of the members want.
Right now, the beta version of Vyzer is available for public use. You can play around with it and share your feedback.

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