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How to Select, Manage, and Track Passive Investments with Litan Yahav

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
January 22nd, 2023
podcast 'Multifamily Insights'

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Multifamily insights (John Casmon) welcomed Litan Yahav, Co-founder of Vyzer with a deep passion for simplifying complex finances, and empowering investors to manage and control their wealth

In this episode, Litan discusses going from a co-founder of revolutionary diamond display technology to developing an automated financial solution. Litan closes with the challenges the real estate market is facing with rising interest rates, inflation, and refinancing options but also explains changing interest rates on the savings account. Another must-listen-to episode that tops off with definitive questions with Litan at the end!

Time stamps

2.08- Introducing Litan

5.48- Path to Diamond Industry

9.00- Litan's process of landing in the US real estate market

11.35- Don'ts of Real Estate- lessons learned by Litan

19.21- Journey from spreadsheet to Vyzer

22.18- Vyzer's viability

24.55- Use of Vyzer

27.10- Impact of changing market

Noteworthy Quotes

When talking about lessons learned, Litan states, "If you can't diversify your portfolio enough and you can't actively deal with managing it, I won't do it".

“The objective should be passive income and wealth should be the means to generate it.”


Book- Never Split The Difference

Digital Resource- Notion app

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How to Select, Manage, and Track Passive Investments with Litan Yahav (