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June 2024 Vyzer Product Update: Enhanced Role Management and Crypto Features

Lior Karol
Lior Karol
June 7th, 2024
Vyzer June 2024 Product Update - Featuring New Investment Management Tools and Enhanced User Interface

At Vyzer, our mission is to empower investors with cutting-edge tools and insights for efficient, secure, and personalized financial management. We continuously strive to enhance our platform, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced features and functionalities to streamline your investment operations. In this June product update, we're excited to share the latest improvements designed to elevate your experience and provide you with even more control over your financial landscape.

Role Management

Vyzer's Role Management Feature - Tailored Access for Financial Management, Showcasing User Permissions and Access Levels

Vyzer's Role Management feature facilitates efficient and secure portfolio management, making it ideal for clients who wish to enhance their investment oversight by inviting trusted partners into their financial landscape.

Inviting Collaborators to Your Portfolio

Whether you're looking to involve a spouse, financial advisor, or tax professional, Vyzer's Role Management allows you to seamlessly grant access to your portfolio with customized permissions. You can assign roles such as Admin, Editor, or Guest, each providing different levels of access and control:

  • Admin: Grants full access, suitable for partners or principal advisors.
  • Editor: Permits editing and viewing without access to billing information, ideal for financial planners or accountants.
  • Guest: Offers view-only access, perfect for periodic reviews or specific consultations.

This controlled access ensures that your financial data remains secure while benefiting from collaborative insights and expertise.

Enhanced Exit Flow

We've upgraded our Exit Flow feature to streamline how sales, exits, closures, and investment terminations are handled across different asset types. Here's how this benefits you:

  • Standardized Processes: Simplify your operations with consistent procedures for handling sales, exits, closures, and investment terminations across all asset types.
  • Improved Visibility: New user interface indicators provide clearer visibility of exited assets, making it easier to track your investments.
  • Automated Financial Management: Experience a more efficient management of financial activities through automated processes.
  • Increased Accuracy and Transparency: Benefit from enhanced accuracy and clearer transparency in calculations of performance.

Upgraded Crypto Coin Management

Managing your cryptocurrency investments is now more intuitive and robust:

  • Single Coin Addition: Easily add crypto coins to your portfolios just like public tickers.
  • Expanded Analytics: Gain deeper insights with access to advanced metrics for comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis.
  • Platform Enhancements: Enjoy a more stable and performant platform with our latest updates and bug fixes.

Better Connectivity to Financial Institutions

We've improved our integration with financial institutions to enhance your experience:

  • Multiple Integrators: We've partnered with Plaid, Akoya, and SaltEdge, providing you with an extensive selection of active and supported financial institutions.
  • Easier Selection: The refined institutions dropdown now ensures a smoother and more accurate selection process, making it easier to connect with your preferred financial institutions.

Optimized Mobile Web Experience

Vyzer's Optimized Mobile Web Experience - Showcasing Cash Flow Planning, Portfolio Management, and Financial Insights on Mobile Devices

We've made significant improvements to the mobile web experience to ensure a seamless interface across all devices. These enhancements include:

  • Intuitive Navigation: Redesigned navigation makes it easier to access all features and functions, allowing you to manage your portfolio on the go effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Readability: Updated visual elements create a cleaner, more modern look, making it easier to read and interact with your financial information.
  • Faster Performance: Quicker load times and smoother transitions provide a more responsive and enjoyable experience while using Vyzer on your mobile device.

What's Next

Advanced Portfolio Allocation: Soon, you'll be able to allocate your portfolio by holding entity, risk, liquidity, sponsor, and more, with the added flexibility to create custom categories. This feature will also allow for the creation of custom asset classes, giving you the flexibility to tailor and organize your data to suit your specific needs. This enhancement is designed to provide you with greater control and precision in managing your investments, enabling a more personalized and detailed approach to portfolio management.

We're excited for you to experience these updates! For any questions or feedback, please reach out to our support team. We value your input and look forward to helping you make the most of these new features.