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Keeping passive investments passive

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
December 23rd, 2022
podcast 'Limited Partner'

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A passive-income business can supplement your typical income. However, tracking that income could be a nightmare if you are investing in multiple properties. It’s possible that you may have multiple streams of such income. So, keeping track of passive income puts you in a potentially chaotic accounting spreadsheets situation. That's where Vyzer comes into the picture. Vyzer is a single online platform to manage, control and monitor all your investments. Using Vyzer will save you a lot of time dealing with piles of paper and spreadsheets managing your finances.

In this episode, the Co-founder of Vyzer, Litan Yahav shares the journey of Vyzer and how Vyzer can simplify complex finances and save time. He also candidly shares a few mistakes from his experience that one should look out for. If you are into passive investing, then do not miss this episode.

Time stamps

1.30- Introduction

3.00- Litan's background and his journey

6.30- How Vyzer saves time

10.45- What made Litan choose to invest in the real estate market?

15.25- Mistakes to look out for while investing in real estate

18.40- Litan's transition point

24.45- advantages of investing with Vyzer

28.18- End note

Noteworthy Quotes

"For the past seven years, we've been managing our money on our own and investing passively as much as possible, mainly into real estate syndications in the US and Europe, Private equity startups, and cryptos as well. But our objective is to create as much passive income as possible. And we found just investing in syndications was at the highest level of passiveness, if you'd say."

"Now I have to say in current market conditions with rates going up, I think these types of situations of refinancing and type stuff probably won't happen as much as they did in previous years. But still, it's something I pay more attention to now."

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