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Managing Your Wealth Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
March 6th, 2023
podcast 'best ever'

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Discussions about active versus passive investing can become heated debates. While many people prefer passive investing, there are also arguments in favor of active investing.

In today's episode of The Best Ever Show Podcast, Litan Yahav shares his frank experience with passive investing, his mistakes from active investing, and the lessons he learned throughout his journey. He also discusses his transition from the diamond industry at Segoma to Vyzer, a platform that manages your entire wealth portfolio.

Stay tuned until the end to understand his passion for using technology to solve problems, and catch the lightning round with Litan.

Time stamps

1.25- Introducing Litan.

3.30- What made the first investment a bad experience?

5.37- How Vyzer came into existence?

6.48- A use-case example.

7.55- Litan's number of investments.

9.07- What role real estate plays in Litan's global investing strategy?

13.30- "I'm never gonna know real estate as well as you do"- Litan.

14.45- Litan's biggest struggles.

16.15- Trusting operators is important.

17.40- How do operators earn trust?

20.20- The lightning round with Litan

Noteworthy Quotes

"Our goal is to be passive, we also wanted more exposure to risk and more return and cash flow and so that's why we went into syndications. That's what we've been doing ever since for the past seven years."

"My passion is solving inefficiency problems with technology, so that's what I strive to do."

Greatest Lesson(s):

  • It’s all a matter of finding people you can trust.
  • Educate yourself on what questions to ask to vet potential GPs.
  • Put yourself alongside as many like-minded people as possible.


Book reference- Never split the difference by Christopher Voss

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