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My Worst Investment Ever Podcast - The risk of investing

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
February 21st, 2023
podcast 'My worst investment ever'

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Are you wondering what is the risk of investing in real estate? All investments carry some degree of risk. And according to today's speaker Litan Yahav, investing in real estate is long-term and can generate excellent returns. But there’s also a huge chance it’ll be a flop.

Litan is a former Navy officer in Israel and the co-founder of Vyzer. Vyzer is an online platform that provides solutions to investors with multiple streams of income and helps them manage, track and monitor their portfolios. Litan and his business partner, Tomer Salvi, were previously co-founders of Segoma, a revolutionary diamond display technology, established and successfully sold.

In this episode, Andrew and Yahav discuss the risk of investing in single-family rental properties. Additionally, they discuss Litan's worst investment and the lessons he learned in this journey. So stay tuned till the end to listen to Litan's valuable investing advice.

Time stamps

1.20- Introducing Litan

2.45- Litan's problem-solving approach

3.27- Vyzer's journey

5.10- How Vyzer Works?

7.27- How were problems solved before Vyzer?

8.35- Litan's Worst investment

14.50- Lessons he learned

20.15- His advice

22.36- Litan's Goal

Lessons learned

  • Investing in single-family rental properties is never really passive.
  • Buying a single-family home is riskier than investing in an apartment block.
  • Apartment blocks, unlike single-family homes, allow you to diversify your risk across different tenants.
  • Understand the implications of buying property abroad.

Noteworthy Quotes

"I tend to find that when you come to an industry, you know nothing about, you don't have the limitations that people already in that industry have. And this gives you the ability to sort of think outside the box without having those inhibitions that people in the industry have."

"Just buy properties for passive income, that's what they tell you, right? But would you get into it knowing this is going to be hard work?"

“You’ll never learn if you don’t fail. So take yourself out of your comfort zone and find a way to fail so that you can get better.”


Book reference- Never split the difference by Christopher Voss

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