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The Power of Authentically Controlling Your Finances

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
April 27th, 2023
podcast 'Get Authentic'

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In this episode of the Get Authentic podcast, Marques Ogden speaks with Litan Yahav, the CEO of Vyzer and former officer in the Israeli Navy. Litan has a passion for solving problems with technology, which has resulted in two successful start-ups: Segoma and Vyzer.

During the interview, Litan shares his definition of authenticity and how it relates to building successful relationships in business and finances. He also talks about his background and the journey that led him and his business partner, Tomer Salvi, to co-found Segoma, a groundbreaking diamond display technology company.

Litan's latest venture, Vyzer, is a one-stop solution for investors with multiple income streams who find themselves spending too much time on managing and monitoring their portfolios. He discusses his vision for the company and the importance of creating strong relationships with customers.

At the end of the podcast, you can expect authentic tips from Marques Ogden on relationships, inspired by Litan's insights.

Time stamps

1.20 What does 'Authenticity' mean to Litan?

1.58- Litan's background

5.27- Solving problems with Technology

8.39- Everything about Segoma

12.30- Beer test, what's that?

14.00- Litan's vision with Vyzer

15.46- Importance of relationships

18.55- The authentic tip

Noteworthy Quotes:

"Every business that fails, almost, fails because of a problem with the relationship between the founders, between the founders and their team, between the founders and their investors. If that relationship is not mutually worked on with authenticity, then it won't work."

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