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Top 5 Women’s Real Estate Investing Resources

Alicia Schneider
Alicia Schneider
March 5th, 2023

Despite the strides women have made in the world of investing and finance, real estate still remains a male-dominated field. In the US, men make up 68.4% of real estate investors while women only make up 31.6%. These women’s networks are trying to change that.

As more women enter the world of real estate investing, there are new communities popping up all the time that are meant to serve as resources. Some offer in-person meet ups in order to network with other real estate investors and gain tips and insights, and some also offer online resources such as guides and podcasts.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to take the opportunity to recommend five standout resources for female real estate investors. Here’s to hoping next year there will be even more!

The Real Estate InvestHER


“We have a social responsibility to break the cycle and elevate women's financial literacy for generations to come,” say Andresa and Liz, cofounders of The Real Estate InvestHER, a network and educational platform for women who invest in real estate. The network was officially founded in 2019 by cofounders Andresa and Liz who met years prior through the Bigger Pockets network. Over time, the two women grew their business by launching a mastermind, a podcast, and finally a platform to help women in real estate connect with one another.

The Real Estate InvestHER network provides resources and tools to help women deepen their knowledge about real estate investing. The network shares a number of real estate, business, and personal growth tools to help with all aspects of real estate investing. Additionally, there are also meet ups in 56 locations around the world as well as an annual conference, InvestHERcon.

Women Invest in Real Estate (WIIRE)


As relatively young cofounders in their 20s and 30s, Amelia and Grace both left their full-time jobs to dedicate their time to real estate investing and building the Women Invest in Real Estate network. The network has only been around for a couple of years but has managed to make strides in that short amount of time.

You’ll find a number of resources on the WIIRE website, such as free accessible guides and tips. The network also hosts retreats for women to get together for a weekend to help investors take their portfolios to the next level. WIIRE also offers two online courses, one focusing on midterm rental properties and another on property management. Finally, WIIRE also hosts a podcast that goes by the same name with weekly episodes discussing different topics related to real estate investing.

Real Estate Investing Women


Laura Alamery and Liz Klingseisen, mother and daughter and co-founders of Real Estate Investing Women, have 30 years of combined work experience in the field of real estate. The two women founded the Real Estate Investing Women network as a way to create a positive impact in the lives of women and to teach them how to create wealth through real estate.

In addition to resources such as ebooks, a blog, and a podcast, Laura and Liz have taken a more hands-on approach to their network by offering training courses to teach women different aspects of real estate investing. The courses are built for women who are starting from zero as well as for those who want to level up their existing real estate business. Additionally, Laura and Liz offer private mentorship opportunities for women who want one-on-one guidance. There are also online and in-person events such as masterclasses and workshops to help the Real Estate Investing Women community to deepen their knowledge.

Women’s Real Estate Investing Network (WREIN)


Tresa Todd founded WREIN after joining her sons’ real estate business and discovering how it created an opportunity to build wealth. Today, WREIN offers a learning platform for women to gain real estate investment knowledge, regardless of their level of experience. Aside from financial knowledge, Tresa is also determined to help women achieve greatness both through gaining financial freedom as well as personal growth.

The WREIN network offers a masterclass to help women go from A to Z in real estate investing. The program is designed to teach real estate investing topics in clear, understandable terms, and then create a customizable path based on each participant’s needs and lifestyle. In addition to the masterclass, WREIN also offers other educational resources such as a podcast called Without Fear of Her Future Radio and a book penned by Tresa by the same name.

PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing


PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing offers women the community they need to build their confidence, learn the keys to investing success, and build partnerships that will create financial stability as well as generational wealth for their families,” says Marielle Walter, founder of PowerHouse Women. Through her real estate investing group, Marielle aims to offer women group investment opportunities such as flipping apartments and multifamily investments as a team of women.

In addition to investments, PowerHouse Women is also an educational resource for women in its community, with a YouTube channel offering mentoring, international retreats focused on hands-on training, and a multifamily investment readiness program meant to walk women through the steps of multifamily investing as well as partnership opportunities and deal analysis.

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