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Top 5 YouTube Channels on Real Estate Investing

Alicia Schneider
Alicia Schneider
February 15th, 2023
Youtube Channels

Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth and increase one's financial security, but finding reliable resources to make good investing decisions isn’t always easy. Fortunately, YouTube is full of great channels dedicated to real estate investing that are accessible to anyone and offer valuable knowledge and tips.

Whether you're a novice investor or an experienced real estate mogul, these channels have something for you. We handpicked some of the best YouTube channels that focus on different aspects of real estate investing to bring you a complete set of resources to begin or continue your real estate education. From beginner guides to advanced investment strategies, you'll find great advice and tips for making the most of your real estate investments.

1. BiggerPockets

youtube pngGetting Started with Passive Real Estate Investing

BiggerPockets is one of the most popular resources investors go to for advice on real estate investing. With over 1 million subscribers, BiggerPockets offers a complete overview of the world of real estate investing for those who are new to the topic or people who want to deepen their existing knowledge. On the BiggerPockets YouTube channel, you’ll find multiple playlists containing different types of videos. There are live recordings of the BiggerPockets podcast, videos on the latest news in real estate, and a playlist to help you build your own real estate investment strategy. BiggerPockets often invites guests who are real estate investing experts to give viewers well-rounded advice and insights.

Have a look at BiggerPockets’ most popular videos:

2. REtipster

youtube png7 Reasons FLIPPING LAND Is Better Than Every Other Real Estate Strategy

REtipster’s goal is to provide real-world advice for every kind of real estate investor. Many videos on this channel are beginner-friendly, such as the real estate terminology playlist, making it a great resource for investors starting out in real estate. While REtipster creates videos on a number of different topics, from podcast recordings to different rental strategies and more, it also has a lot of videos on land investing. The land investing playlist offers tools and resources to those interested in learning more about investing in land and covers everything from how to get started to tips on what to look out for, finding the right markets for land, and more.

Here are some of REtipster’s most popular videos:

3. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors

youtube pngHow to Estimate Tax Losses from a Syndication Investment [Tax Smart Daily 058]

As the title suggests, this YouTube channel is all about tax implications for real estate investors. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors helps its viewers understand and navigate taxes when it comes to real estate and guides them on how to automate accounting and save money on taxes to grow their real estate investments. The channel often features tax and investing experts to give insights into different ways to maximize your investment returns while minimizing taxes. There are different playlists, such as tax and accounting tips, tax Q&A that cover common questions, as well as a playlist for the Real Estate CPA podcast recordings. Whether you’re already familiar with real estate investing or you’ve just started to dip your toe in, the Tax Smart Real Estate Investors channel will help you deeply understand your tax responsibilities and how to save money on your investments.

Take a look at some of Tax Smart Real Estate Investors’ most popular videos:

4. Lili Invests

youtube pngThe Perfect BRRRR Deal [$63,369.76 Check at Closing!]

Lili Thomspon is the host of the Lili Invests channel, and she’s taking viewers along for the ride as she documents her own journey in real estate investing. Lili creates videos as she explores different real estate strategies, such as the BRRRR method (buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat), holding and selling properties, flipping houses, and more. Lili’s videos are relatable and offer a fresh perspective into real estate investing as well as more of a ‘behind the scenes’ look. By showing her own ups and downs on her investing journey, she’s able to create videos that feel very real and authentic, a strategy that clearly resonates with Lili’s 179K subscribers.

Some Lili Invests videos you should check out include:

5. Graham Stephen

youtube pngHow I became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26

Graham Stephen started working and investing in real estate at the young age of 18, and his YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing his real estate knowledge and experience as well as other topics related to wealth. With over 4 million subscribers, Stephen has amassed a huge following and creates a lot of content around investing for teens and young adults, the housing market, and how to create passive income. If you’re new to real estate investing and want to learn more about it, Graham Stephen’s channel is a popular place to go for beginners. Videos are easily digestible, not too long, appeal to all kinds of audiences, and often offer step-by-step advice, making them simple to understand.

Here are some of Graham Stephen's popular real estate investing videos:

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