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Using technology to help solve problems worth solving with Litan Yahav

Sam Miller
Sam Miller
January 5th, 2023
podcast 'Know Your Why'

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People may, or may not have time to deal with piles of paper and spreadsheets to constantly manage, track, and monitor their wealth.

In this episode, Dr. Jason Balara and Litan Yahav discuss Vyzer's powerful solution to auto-track your portfolio, plan your cash flow, and get personalized insights. Litan talks us through his previous business Segoma, timelines, the conditions, the birth of Vyzer, and some things you need to be cautious of when building wealth through the process.

He also provides his insight on how he used technology to build Vyzer and solve investing problems. If you are ready to unseat your spreadsheet, this is your episode.

Time stamps

0.40- Introduction

1.17- Litan's background

4.50- Use of technology

9.25- Pushbacks in the diamond industry

16.35- Aspects of investing

18.50- Problems that Vyzer can solve

29.50- What is syndication?

33.20- Why is it hard to get into the real estate market?

39.40- Litan's advice to wealth builders

Noteworthy Quotes

Talking about the Diamond industry, Litan discloses facts, "Around 95% of Diamonds are polished and cut in India."

When asked use of technology, Litan mentions, "I always tend to believe that it is a lot better to find a problem to solve using technology as appose to take a technology and find the problem to solve with that tech."

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