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Vyzer Product Update: Enhance Your Stock Investment Experience with New Features

Lior Karol
Lior Karol
October 3rd, 2023
Vyzer product updates October 2023

We're excited to bring you some groundbreaking features in our latest update. These changes aim to give you even more control and insight into your investment portfolio, especially your stock investments. We've heard your requests and are thrilled to offer these enhancements.

Addition of Single Stock Data

Managing individual stocks just got a whole lot easier! You can now add stock data to your Vyzer account for both US and international stock markets. This eliminates the need for syncing with brokerage accounts through third-party services. From stocks and ETFs to bonds and more, we've got it covered. You can add it one by one, specifying details like the number of shares and the exchange they're listed on. Plus, we're keeping you updated with prices on a frequency ranging from hourly to daily!

Screenshot showcasing the addition of individual stocks to a Vyzer portfolio, highlighting the seamless integration of US and international stock data.

Introducing our newest feature: Add individual stocks to your Vyzer portfolio, from worldwide markets.

Metrics That Matter

Analyze your stock investments with newfound depth. Get comprehensive insights, encompassing total cost (cost basis) calculations, gains, performance metrics, and average stock price. It's not just data, it's the knowledge you need for informed decisions.

Visualization Like Never Before

We're taking data visualization to the next level. Our enhanced visualization layers offer a holistic view, detailing everything from the number of shares to performance indicators. A clearer, more informative display means a better grip on your financial narrative.

Stock Events Simplified

Keeping track of stock transactions is now easier than ever. Whether you're buying more shares, selling existing ones, or recording grants and dividends, our new Stock Events feature ensures you never miss a detail.

Search, Filter, and Revel in Efficiency

Our enhanced search functionality and the new ability to filter stocks using ticker names mean you can find what you're looking for faster and more efficiently. Whether you're holding stocks via different platforms like eTrade, Robinhood, or traditional banks, see all your stocks in one aggregated view. Simplify your analysis and ditch the constant platform-hopping; with Vyzer, all your stock data is seamlessly in one place.

Screenshot displaying individual stocks from various platforms like eTrade and Robinhood aggregated into a single view on Vyzer.

Unified View, Simplified Search: See all your stocks across different platforms in one aggregated snapshot with Vyzer.

Planning for Tomorrow, Today

Looking ahead is integral to effective financial management. With that in mind, we're introducing the capability for you to set up a contribution schedule for your Public Markets accounts. Seamlessly track and oversee your investment activity, ensuring you're always a step ahead in your financial journey.

Your Personalized Investment Accounts

Introducing "Investment Account"—a feature that lets you group and manage any asset under a customized account. You can also filter stocks and other investments based on these containers, making your investment analysis even more streamlined.

Screenshot showcasing the Investment Account on Vyzer with a diverse set of assets grouped under a customized account.

Tailored Investment Management: Introducing the all-new Investment Account feature, where every asset finds its place.

Learn More with Our Tutorial

To get a firsthand experience on how to utilize these new features, check out our YouTube tutorial. It's a quick guide to help you navigate and make the most out of Vyzer's latest additions.

What's Next?

While our latest updates are designed to elevate your experience, at Vyzer, we never stop innovating. Here's a little sneak peek into what's coming: the introduction of a New Cash Value life insurance asset class. So stay tuned as we work on giving you even more comprehensive financial management options.

We're continually striving to improve your experience and broaden your investment management possibilities. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please keep it coming.